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What is the GLOW Drops Weekly Magazine about?

Every time you follow a trendy diet or regimen, buy an expensive anti-aging cream that promises it all and give you nothing or replace your meals with powdery + tasteless shakes …
You apply a patch!


So I’ve created this Weekly Digital Magazine so you can finally stop wondering:

… if that new trendy diet out there works this time,

… if that new fancy cream will really reduce your wrinkles,

… or that sleeping pill will have any effect on your energy,

This is going to be your one stop shop for curated information and drops of inspiration for your health & beauty journey.

Every week, I’ll be sending you 5 GLOW Drops to help you elevate

your health and beauty journey.

  • The PRO Tip where I share with you a science based solution for your reverse aging process.
  • The A-lister where I share with you my favorite products and tools.
  • The BACKSTAGE where I pull the curtain and show you intimate uncensored details about myself and my life you won’t find anywhere else.
  • The PODCAST where I am either interviewing high level experts for the Keep GLOWing show or I am sharing with you a podcast I was invited to speak, plus lots of inspiration and resources for your most extraordinary life.
  • One QUESTION (since I’m also a certified coach) for you to reflect and consider moving forward.

This digital magazine is for you if you are a high achieving woman in your 40s and beyond and you:

  • Eat emotionally and experience nasty cravings and yo-yo dieting

  • Experience sleepless nights and feel fatigued after 8 hours of sleep

  • Spend hours at the gym and wonder why can’t lose the weight

  • Use anti-aging creams and protocols with no effect

  • Can’t focus during the day and witness energy depleted days

Why listen to me …

I’m an Age Reversal Expert known for turning back the clock 10 years.

I’m specialized in non-invasive epigenetic and reverse aging programs made to measure from your DNA and I like to use a step-by-step systematic approach that will get you to the root causes of what’s preventing you from looking and feeling your best.

5 years ago I founded BODYOLOGY, a proprietary system designed to help high performing women reverse their age and sizzle with energy and confidence in their midlife years.

I am currently working with celebrities and physicians from Switzerland, Netherlands and US and share my knowledge as a contributor for Harper’s Bazaar, Elle, Forbes and Shape magazines.

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