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Are You
Still Wondering

… if that new trendy diet out there will work this time,
… if that new fancy overnight cream will really reduce your wrinkles
… or that sleeping pill or supplement will have any effect on your energy.

If you said YES to any of these,

it’s time to stop wasting your best years and learn the EXACT strategies I teach my ambitious clients to apply so they can reverse their biological age by a decade and become irresistible in their midlife years.

  • No more emotional eating, nasty cravings and yo-yo dieting
  • No more sleepless nights and energy depleted days
  • No more spending hours at the gym wondering why the pounds aren’t falling off
  • No more fatigue after 8 hours of sleep
  • No more anti-aging creams with no effect

Praise for



“Larisa was the best long-term investment I could possibly do”

“I am incredulous and amazed that everything Larisa taught me worked so well! She solved my sugar addiction and made me lose 14 kg effortlessly and at the pace I wanted.

Before starting to work with Larisa, the level of tiredness was unbeatable with two kids, one being a toddler. I thought I would never be able to give up sugar and had accepted being tired is normal.

She provided me an efficient holistic system for organising my life, which made me feel more in control and motivated to take care of myself. No suffering, effort, hunger or any other kind of discomfort whatsoever.

Today I feel happy, less tired and more efficient, I put myself first and make the best choices for me with full confidence. A perseverance I did not know I had.“

 Katia D. Vandenbremt 

Communication Expert

“Got out of depression and lost 20 kg in 6 months.
Today I’m running marathons”

“Before I worked with Larisa I struggled with weight, lack of ‘me time’ and sugar addiction. I was in the worst shape ever, afraid that I’ll always be a ‘chubby mom’.

Had 2 kids in 3 years, broke my leg then laid 3 months in bed, binge eating all the sweets I could see.
I was close to depression.

Larisa changed my life and was by far the best coach for me. She helped me lose 20kg in 6 months, break my sugar addiction and switch my perception about food. Today I am running marathons…

Being under Larisa’s wing is an absolute no-brainer if you are ready to get back your best self ever!
Hire her and prepare to be amazed.“

 Andreea Barta 

Corporate Manager

“Larisa kicked my reverse aging process”

“Larisa patiently and gracefully guided me through my journey towards a more good looking, healthier and happier 40+ me. The genomic report Larisa used helped me lose weight and also upgrade my healthy lifestyle, change my beauty regimen and truly start a reverse aging process that includes minimal invasive procedures and efficient slow aging treatments. Thanks to her, today I am a happier version of myself.

She knew how to keep me motivated in a friendly and personal way. She is the right person to go only 
if you really want to transform your life.“

 Delia Oprean 


“Larisa is a true clinician in her field”

“A wonderful and gifted Age Reversal Expert always on the front lines of nutrition and health. Her work is focused on a balanced lifestyle, supported by science and research and her personality and enthusiasm for her subject is infectious. She is a pleasure to work with, watch and learn from. I can’t say enough about the admiration I feel for Larisa.“

 Elaine Hausman 

Video Performance Coach

“Larisa solved my anxiety and created a smart
system so I can focus on my MBA”

“I started changing things in the very first day after registering in Larisa’s program from meal organization to cold cutting sugar, early bedtimes, time for workouts and daily reading. All while taking care of my toddler son and learning for an MBA that was part of my dream list.

Today my level of anxiety is significantly reduced, I am satisfied with my decisions, confident and overall more positive and full of energy during the day.

If you are a woman who want to gain confidence and control over her life you don’t want to miss Larisa’s recommendations and advice. They will change your behaviour around health for life.“

 Danielida Vlaicu 

Finance Professional

“Everything Larisa does is pure GOLD!”

“Larisa will always be a part of my transformation. She is my main source of inspiration and feminine power because she has endless energy and a wonderful personality.

She is a true ambitious and hard working professional, dedicated, extremely generous, honest with herself and others, which makes her fearless and stronger than many other women.

Larisa always has an outstanding approach in what she does. She knows how to grow a community of women, helping them to become stronger and irresistible. She knows how to educate with candor, authenticity and generosity! I don’t know anyone able and willing to do this like she does.

Larisa has an amazing stamina and sincerity! She is authentic!“

 Catalina Neacsu 

Life Coach

Hi. I’m Larisa

I am an Age Reversal Expert known for

turning back the clock 10 years.

I‘m specialized in non-invasive reverse aging programs tailor made for you. YES, just for you! Because your DNA needs a unique approach.

Hundreds of high achieving women have sought my help to get back in shape, overcome chronic fatigue, solve dry and sagging skin and deal with moods and hormonal imbalances.

Without plastic surgery or exhausting beauty regimens.

I studied Health, Nutrition, Sleep and Stress with Dr. Robert Lustig, Dr. Christine Northrup, Dr. Joel Fuhrman, Dr. Mark Hyman, Dr. Sarah Gottfried, Dr. Nicholas Perricone, Dr. Deepak Chopra, Dr. Mehmet Oz and others like them at some of the leading health schools across the world such as the Institute for Integrative Nutrition in New York, Cornell University, Spencer Institute and Precision Nutrition.

Today I work with celebrities and physicians from Switzerland, the Netherlands and the United States.

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