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Over 1,000 high achieving women have sought my help to get back in shape, overcome chronic fatigue, solve dry and sagging skin, and deal with hormonal imbalances.


What is the GLOW Drops Weekly Magazine about?

Every time you follow a trendy diet or regimen, buy an expensive anti-aging cream that promises it all and give you nothing or replace your meals with powdery + tasteless shakes …
You apply a patch!


So I’ve created this Weekly Digital Magazine so you can finally stop wondering:

… if that new trendy diet out there works this time,

… if that new fancy cream will really reduce your wrinkles,

… or that sleeping pill will have any effect on your energy,

This is going to be your one stop shop for curated information and drops of inspiration for your health & beauty journey.

Every week, I’ll be sending you 5 GLOW Drops to help you elevate

your health and beauty journey.

  • The PRO Tip where I share with you a science based solution for your reverse aging process.
  • The A-lister where I share with you my favorite products and tools.
  • The BACKSTAGE where I pull the curtain and show you intimate uncensored details about myself and my life you won’t find anywhere else.
  • The PODCAST where I am either interviewing high level experts for the Keep GLOWing show or I am sharing with you a podcast I was invited to speak, plus lots of inspiration and resources for your most extraordinary life.
  • The QUESTION (since I’m also a certified coach) for you to reflect and consider moving forward.

This digital magazine is for you if you are a high achieving woman in your 40s and beyond and you:

  • Eat emotionally and experience nasty cravings and yo-yo dieting

  • Experience sleepless nights and feel fatigued after 8 hours of sleep

  • Spend hours at the gym and wonder why can’t lose the weight

  • Use anti-aging creams and protocols with no effect

  • Can’t focus during the day and witness energy depleted days

Why listen to me … 

I’m an Age Reversal Expert known for turning back the clock 10 years.

I’m specialized in non-invasive epigenetic and reverse aging programs made to measure from your DNA and I like to use a step-by-step systematic approach that will get you to the root causes of what’s preventing you from looking and feeling your best.

5 years ago I founded BODYOLOGY, a proprietary system designed to help high performing women reverse their age and sizzle with energy and confidence in their midlife years.

I am currently working with celebrities and physicians from Switzerland, Netherlands and US and share my knowledge as a contributor for Harper’s Bazaar, Elle, Forbes and Shape magazines.

Shall we shed a decade off your face and body so you can turn heads wherever you go?

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